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Qty Subscription key for Numerical Recipes Electronic, 3rd ed. (3 year subscription, upgradable to lifetime with coupon in hardcopy book). Single user on multiple machines using any NRbook interface. Does not include machine-readable code files. $49.00
Qty Machine-Readable Code Files: C++ 3rd ed. ver 3.04 for All Machines (also includes unsupported 3rd ed. Java and legacy 2nd ed. C and C++). Downloadable files. $65.00
Qty Machine-Readable Code Files: All Language Versions for All Machines (includes 3rd ed. C++ ver 3.04; unsupported 3rd ed. Java; legacy 2nd ed. Fortran 77 and 90 ver. 2.10, C ver. 2.11; 1st ed. Pascal, Basic, Modula 2, Lisp; with bonus historical Numal code in Algol 60). Downloadable files. $95.00
Qty Payment of $1.00 (per qty) on account to Numerical Recipes Software (use only in response to email from us) $1.00
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